Business Bill Pay

Pay clients and bills with Online Business Bill Pay

Using the Business Web Bill Pay Feature:

  1. Once logged into Business Internet Banking, towards the top of your screen you should see a blue banner with several tabs. This is your task bar and your primary navigational tool for the majority of the internet banking services. Click the Bill Payment tab.
  2. The following screen will state, “Please enter your user ID and click ‘Continue.’ If you are not an enrolled customer, please enroll now.” Click Enroll Now.
  3. Complete the internet Small Business Enrollment form, review the Subscriber Agreement, and click the Submit button. While Business Bill Pay requires you to create a separate user ID and password from Business Internet Banking, you can choose to use the same user ID and password.
  4. Within 48 business hours you will receive an email notification that your enrollment request has been completed. Return to the Bill Payment tab of your Business Internet Banking login.
  5. Input the user ID you select for the Bill Pay Online Enrollment form and click Log in.
  6. Input the password you select for the Bill Pay Online Enrollment form and click Log in.
  7. With your payee information available (you should find this information on your monthly statement), input the payee name into the Pay someone new section at the top of your screen. Depending if the payee is listed on the Bill Pay subscriber list, the payee should appear in the drop down list as you input the payee name. If the payee does not appear you will need to add the payee information manually.
  8. Complete the requested information for each payee until all payees are listed on the Make Payments screen.
  9. For each payee, input the amount being paid; select the account being paid from, and the date to be paid.
  10. If you wish to setup automatic payments for some or all of your payees, click the underlined payee name, select Pay Automatically, and complete the requested information, and click Save Changes.