Franklin Synergy Bank Tops Half a Billion $ in Deposits

Franklin, TN - December 20, 2012 - Franklin Synergy Bank capped its fifth anniversary by crossing the $500 million mark in bank deposits. The bank reached this milestone, with $511 million in deposits on December 19.

“Just under a year ago, our bank passed the $400 million mark in deposits,” noted Franklin Synergy Bank President Richard Herrington. “This month brings another wonderful anniversary present for our shareholders, customers and banking team. Achieving this tremendous milestone in the midst of a troubling economic climate is a remarkable achievement for us.”

Franklin Synergy opened its fourth branch in 2012 in Westhaven. In October, the bank reported that it had become the fifth largest bank of the 33 banks with offices in Williamson County, based on recently released FDIC market share data.

"This year has been notable for Franklin Synergy in that it marks our fifth year of operation and our growth to the fifth largest bank in Williamson County,” Herrington noted. “In addition, Franklin Synergy crossed the half a billion dollar milestone in both assets (Feb 2012) and deposits.”