Franklin Synergy Bank’s Ryan J. Reynolds Named President of Nashville Mortgage Bankers Association

RyanReynolds.jpgFranklin, TN - February 9, 2009 - anklin Synergy Bank Senior Mortgage Consultant Ryan J. Reynolds has been named President of the Nashville Mortgage Bankers Association (NMBA). Reynolds, who joined Franklin Synergy Bank in November 2008, has been active in mortgage banking for 15 years. He succeeds Stephen Lewis, Franklin Synergy Bank Senior Vice President of Mortgage Banking in the role of Nashville Mortgage Bankers Association President. The Tennessee Mortgage Bankers Association was organized in 1960.

“Mortgage banking is an important part of Franklin Synergy Bank’s success,” noted Franklin Synergy President Richard Herrington. “I wish to continue to promote the professionalism of our peers through increased licensing requirements, ongoing training, and hopefully regain traction in the middle Tennessee home purchase market in 2009,” added Reynolds.

Franklin Synergy Bank opened in November 2007, offering a unique combination of the traditional values of community banking, such as trust, competence and expediency, with innovative, technology-based delivery systems. This combination creates synergy, a process in which the sum of tailored banking products, advanced technology and dedicated bankers define a superior banking experience for our customers.