Franklin Synergy Bank Introduces Home EasyDeposit

Franklin, TN - April 16, 2009 - Franklin Synergy Bank today announced the area's first EasyDeposit service, enabling customers to make bank deposits from the convenience of their homes at anytime of the day or night, according to Richard Herrington, president.

The new service, called EasyDeposit, is immediately available and makes it easy for customers to make any traditional bank deposit from their homes, using a traditional flatbed scanner and their computer. Customers will be able to scan checks and transmit them to the bank. Herrington said the new service reduces trips to the bank, speeds the processing and gives customers faster access to their money.

"It's a powerful convenience tool," he said, "one that has been available to businesses who could invest in the necessary scanning equipment. But this product gives deposit control to the consumer without any special equipment requirements. It's easy to use, incredibly convenient, and saves our customers time. We are excited by the launch and eager to see how our customers will benefit from it."

He went on to say, "while we are always delighted to see our customers in the bank, we don't want them to make an unnecessary trip. This new convenience simplifies banking, and it is one more way that we are working to innovate at Franklin Synergy."

Franklin Synergy Bank opened in November 2007, offering a unique combination of the traditional values of community banking, such as trust, competence and expediency, with innovative, technology-based delivery systems. This combination creates synergy, a process in which the sum of tailored banking products, advanced technology and dedicated bankers define a superior banking experience for our customers.