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January 22, 2018

The bank unveils “The Big Rutherford Giveback”, a 10-year community investment campaign.

Franklin, Tenn., January 17, 2018 Franklin Synergy Bank, a leading Tennessee community bank, is pleased to announce the Big Rutherford Giveback. Franklin Synergy Bank has committed to invest $1 million in the Rutherford County community over the next ten years. The announcement was made at the grand opening of its new Medical Center Parkway location in Murfreesboro.

Since 2007, Franklin Synergy has been providing financial services to those in Williamson County, most recently expanding into Rutherford County in 2014. To celebrate the bank’s exponential growth and its commitment to create a higher standard of community banking, this $1 million pledge will go to strengthen the people and businesses of Rutherford County.

“At Franklin Synergy Bank, we are serious about our mission to enrich not only the lives of every customer that walks through our doors, but also the neighborhoods that we all call home,” said Richard Herrington, Franklin Synergy Bank’s Chairman and CEO. “I’m proud to be part of a bank that knows how to live out its values in order to achieve its vision—that of a greater community for all.”

Rising from the smallest bank headquartered in Tennessee to one of the largest 300 banks in the nation with over $3 billion in assets, Franklin Synergy Bank has a historically strong focus on growth and goal setting. In 2015, Franklin Synergy achieved its longstanding goal of becoming a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “FSB.”

By pledging to give $1 million during the Big Rutherford Giveback, Franklin Synergy Bank reaffirms that its focus is firmly on the future and continued growth of the communities it serves.

“We’re proud to be a part of the Rutherford County community and feel it is important to invest in its continued success,” said Lee Moss, President of Franklin Synergy Bank. “It’s an exciting time to live and work here in Rutherford County and Franklin Synergy Bank is happy to play a role in the county’s bright future.”

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