July/August 2008 E-News Bulletin

July/August 2008 E-News Bulletin

Time to Count Our Blessings

President Ronald Reagan once said, “Recession is when a neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose your job.”

There is no question that our national economy is in a “correction”, a gentler phrase than “recession”. Economic corrections stem from business cycles that are natural and predictable. The challenge is not to avoid the inevitable cycle, but to manage through it.

Now we have another challenge: not overreacting in times of economic stress. It’s important to remember how fortunate we are to live in Williamson County. While all of us have experienced some of the negative consequences of the current national economic trends, including higher fuel and food prices, Williamson County has been relatively untouched by some of the worst consequences, falling real estate values and escalating unemployment. This is partly due to solid economic fundamentals, including:

  • Williamson County remains the wealthiest county in Tennessee and among the top twenty wealthiest counties in the country. Our school systems continue to produce stellar results, fulfilling the dreams of parents and students across the county. Our crime rate remains low and our citizens are the healthiest in the state of Tennessee.

  • The unemployment rate in Williamson County is significantly lower than the Tennessee rate and the national rate. We continue to attract the corporate headquarter relocations of successful companies such as Nissan and Verizon, bringing thousands of new jobs to our community. There are many reasons that companies select Williamson County for corporate headquarter relocation but chief among them is the quality of life we have built in this community. Retail growth is booming in Williamson County with new restaurants, small businesses, boutiques and entertainment venues.

  • Home mortgage interest rates are as attractive today as they have ever been. While credit standards have tightened and some banks have less interest in jumbo mortgage business, Franklin Synergy Bank continues to actively seek mortgage business from all segments of the market. We are committed to Williamson County and to providing the economic underpinning for continued growth in local businesses and real estate. Unlike other banks, we are not overreacting to short-term conditions; we will continue to provide funding for business and real estate development.

  • Some of the media continues to report bad news in the financial services industry but the vast majority of our nation’s banks, particularly community banks, remain strong, safe and stable. (Franklin Synergy Bank is among the best-capitalized community banks in the country.) No one has ever lost a penny of FDIC insured deposits held in community banks. If you have questions about FDIC insurance or how to structure your accounts to ensure FDIC coverage for your deposits, call a Franklin Synergy Bank officer at (615) 236-BANK (2265).

  • Community bank deposits are reinvested in the local economy through loans that may help your neighbors start a business, purchase a home, or send a child to college. Continuing to hold deposits in community banks ensures that the neighborhoods where you live and work will continue to grow and thrive.

We are fortunate to live in Williamson County. While concern about national economic trends is normal, let’s be sure to remember to count our many blessings. At Franklin Synergy Bank, we count the loyal support of our customers, our family and friends among our many blessings.

Richard Herrington


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Our July Preview Show was a sell-out! We caught up with our intrepid travel club and new friends on July 23rd. We previewed trips to the Rose Parade at New Years, a southern Caribbean cruise in January 2009 and a Mediterranean cruise in October 2009. View the photos below:

Upcoming Events...

  • Great Trains & Grand Canyons
    September 7-12, 2008 - SOLD OUT
  • South Pacific
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  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans - This is a limited opportunity – book early to avoid disappointment!
    November 14-17, 2008
  • Rose Parade & New Year's Extravaganza!
    December 30, 2008 - January 3, 2009

  • Southern Caribbean Cruise
    January 31-February 7, 2009

  • Mediterranean Legacies Cruise - Just a few cabins left - Do not wait to book!
    October 16-31, 2009

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