March 2009 E-News Bulletin

March 2009 E-News Bulletin

Dear Friends,

There is no question that our nation is in the midst of a punishing economic cycle. Much has been said about the causes of this strife, but the key question today is not what caused the problem but when will we rebound from current conditions.

One of the challenging aspects of economics is that it is not an exact science, like math, chemistry, or physics. Rather, economics is a “behavioral” science; the underlying basis of most economic principles is the prediction of human behavior. From a theoretical perspective, economic growth is determined by the interaction of the supply of money and the velocity of money (velocity being defined as the rate at which money changes hands, or to be precise, the speed with which money is borrowed, invested, and spent).

The Federal Reserve Bank has done its part; the supply of money has been pumped up to stimulate the economy. But the velocity of money has slowed dramatically. People are afraid to spend because they fear conditions will worsen and that they will need the money in the future. So we’re hoarding money. Among the contributors to this fear are the 24-hour television “news” commentators and politicians who keep telling us how terrible things are and that they are going to get worse. From a skeptics’ viewpoint, the best tactic for politicians is to create fear, blame conditions on others, and then take the credit when things improve more quickly than anticipated. The problem with this is that fear and its longevity can become a “self fulfilling prophecy”.

It’s all about confidence, and someone needs to step forward and become a voice of reason and re-establish the confidence that has been such an important variable in our economic growth. If we all believed that the recession will end within 12 months and acted upon this belief, there’s a good chance that it would become a self fulfilling prophecy.

As Ben Stein, a CBS news commentator, recently explained, “After all, no one is bombing our cities right now or poisoning our rivers. This whole thing is about confidence. Ninety-two percent of us are still employed. Roughly 90+ percent are not behind on our mortgages. If we can have some confidence, we could get this ball rolling again.”

Let’s turn-off the TV newscasts. Let’s focus on the positives instead of the negatives. Let’s remember the basics that have made our economy so strong in the past. Let’s remember the things that have made our country (and our community) such a great place to live and work. It won’t cure all of our economic ills, but it will put us back on the right track. And it doesn’t cost billions!

Despite all of this economic tribulation, Franklin Synergy Bank has grown remarkably and has become a major force in our local banking market. We owe this to the support of our local communities. Thank you for your patronage.

Richard Herrington

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