April 2009 E-News Bulletin

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Welcome to the Franklin Financial Network News Bulletin!

Dear Friends,

I am often asked, “Why should I pick one bank over another: aren’t they all the same?” I obviously have a biased perspective, but I believe there are certain variables that differentiate banks from one another:

  • The people involved with the bank
  • Commitment to the local community
  • Ability and willingness to meet your unique needs
  • Technology employed by the bank to make banking easier for you

Using these metrics as the basis for discussion, let me explain why we feel that Franklin Synergy Bank is different from other banks. Some would advise you to select a banker instead of a bank. The banker is the key to any long-term relationship, but it is important to understand who supports the banker. For the banker to be truly effective, support must start at the Board of Directors, continue through management, and be a commitment of the staff that supports the banker. Banking is too complex and complicated today for any one person to have all of the answers. At Franklin Synergy Bank, we have assembled a Board of Directors, an experienced management team, and a team of banking professionals with two important characteristics: (1) we are local and (2) we are dedicated to our customers. The current economic crisis has clearly differentiated local banks from out-of-area banks. As a Williamson County bank, we are forever linked to one community; we cannot shift our focus or efforts to another geographic community. This gives us a strong economic bond to the community and a stake in the companies and individuals in this community. Getting a loan in difficult times is not the same experience if your bank is not invested in the community.

Every customer has unique banking needs, from remote deposit, to accounts receivable lending, to credit card processing, to CDs with differing maturities, to cash management services. Many banks pay “lip service” to a diverse and flexible product line, but at Franklin Synergy, we are committed to building and delivering services that meet your individual needs. For example, we recently introduced an identity theft solution to address the increasingly worrisome problem of identity theft. Our customers tell us that they are concerned about identity theft; we provide a solution that is reasonably priced and enrollment is simple. Visit our website at www.franklinsynergy.com for more information. In the past, choosing a bank had a lot to do with physical convenience. Internet banking has changed the definition of convenience from “location” convenience to easy access to financial information. Our internet banking system is among the best in the industry, but we’ve recently made it even better through e-Deposit, a new product that allows Franklin Synergy customers (individuals as well as businesses) to deposit items from home or office without the inconvenience of coming to the bank. We are the first local bank to provide this feature. It’s a busy world for all of us; we want to help you save time whenever possible. Our commitment to you is to be a different kind of banker: community-focused, customer driven, and technologically innovative. This was our goal from the day we opened less than eighteen months ago, and this will remain our goal as we continue to grow and mature as a bank. We are thankful for the opportunities you have provided our bank and we want to prove to you that we are different. Please give us the opportunity. We are waiting for your call.

Richard Herrington

Franklin Synergy Bank is FIRST in Williamson County with Consumer e-Deposit!

No other local bank currently offers consumers the convenience of remote deposit from your home or office! Want to make a deposit to your checking, savings or Money Market account on a Sunday or after banking hours during the week? No problem – just use your home flatbed scanner and save time and money.

Call your Franklin Synergy Banker TODAY at (615) 236-BANK (2265) to discover how easy it is to bank with Franklin Synergy Bank

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Call your Franklin Synergy Mortgage Banker at
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Notice of Annual Shareholder Meeting

Franklin Financial Network, Inc. will welcome all shareholders to our annual Shareholder Meeting at 5PM on Thursday, April 23rd. The meeting will be held at our Cool Springs branch – 3301 Aspen Grove Drive, Suite 106

Franklin Synergy Bank Team News

Head Teller Gloria Cain welcomes our Franklin Synergy customers at our Aspen Grove location with a smile every day!

Gloria has more than 20 years of banking experience. She joined our Franklin Synergy family from the Brentwood branch of Green Bank (formerly Cumberland Bank). Gloria started her Middle Tennessee banking career at AmSouth Bank, prior to moving to Franklin National Bank in Franklin.

Gloria owned Sweet Originals Custom Candies in Ohio and served as a District Manager for Rite-Aid Pharmacies for 13 years.